The Applied and Laser Spectroscopy Laboratory has a long experience in the use and development of spectroscopic diagnostic techniques. The Laboratory is directed by Vincenzo Palleschi, Professor at Pisa University and Senior Researcher at CNR. The staff consists of five people: 2 researchers, 3 grants and a researcher associate. The team has a large experience in National and International projects, but the Laboratory also receives research contracts from the small and medium enterprises for spectroscopic applications aimed to the characterization of innovative materials and monitoring of industrial processes and their impact on the environment. The laboratory has already proposed efficient methods for laboratory and in situ LIBS analysis of materials and nano-particles; a proprietary method for LIBS spectra analysis allows for standard-less, stand-off measurements without need for reference materials which overcomes the matrix effect, one of the most important limiting factors on the feasibility and accuracy of LIBS quantitative measurements. Finally, the Laboratory is involved in the organization of the Ludoteca scientifica (LUS), an interactive exhibition that collects over 60 games and scientific experiments, presented by students and young researchers who introduce the visitor, children and adults, in the world of science and technology with a simple and fun approach.

Call for research proposals

In these past years, our Laboratory has acquired unique skills and advanced instrumentation in the field of Applied and Laser Spectroscopy. Our intention is to open the Laboratory to the international academic community, offering free access to our structure and support of our researchers, for realizing specific research project.

The projects will be selected on the basis of their scientific interest and feasibility, from a pool of proposals that we will receive from the scientific community. This selection would be in the responsibility of an International Scientific Committee, which would also act as a national collector of the proposals.



The Journal of Applied and Laser Spectroscopy is an Open Access, Peer Reviewed International Journal devoted to Applied Spectroscopy and Laser Spectroscopy.


Volume 1

G. Monfort, L. Bellavia, M. Tonteling, C. Ojeda, O. Ansseau, On-line measurement of the hot metal temperature and composition in the blast furnace runners by LIBS PDF

A. Marín-Roldán, J.A. Cruz, J. Martín-Chivelet, M.J. Turrero, A. I. Ortega, J.O. Cáceres, Evaluation of Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) for detection of trace element variation through stalagmites: potential for paleoclimate series reconstruction PDF

J.O. Hornkohl, A.C. Woods, C.G. Parigger, Wigner-Witmer Eigenfunctions in Diatomic Spectroscopy PDF

E. Salerno, A. Tonazzini, E. Grifoni, G. Lorenzetti, S. Legnaioli, M. Lezzerini, L. Marras, S. Pagnotta, V. Palleschi, Analysis of Multispectral Images in Cultural Heritage and Archaeology PDF

M. Romani, F. Colao, R. Fantoni, M. Guiso, M. L Santarelli, Hyperspectral Fluorescence for Organic Pigment Characterization in Contemporary Artwork PDF

M. Kawano, M. Tokuda, S. Imazu, T. Minami, Determination of original mine of vermilion collected from ancient burial mounds in Japan using an improved sulfur isotope analytical method for small amounts of vermilion PDF

M. Zvolska, T. Cernohorsky, M. Pouzar, T. Kratochvil, R. Holusa, Determination of Fluorine in Organic Pigments with the Use of Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy PDF

Volume 2

G. Toker, V. Bulatov, T. Kovalchuk, I. Schechter, Dynamics of Optical Breakdown in Tap and Pure Water Induced by lambda=1064 nm 6 ns Laser Pulses PDF

A.L. Glazov, I.V. Semenova, O.S. Vasyutinskii, Steady-state fluorescence-phosphorescence studies of Radachlorin® kinetics and singlet oxygen formation in water PDF

G. Sorrentino, S. Giuntoli, M. Lezzerini, E. Grifoni, S. Legnaioli, G. Lorenzetti, S. Pagnotta, V. Palleschi, Classification Studies on Etruscan Archaeological Copper-Based Alloy Findings from the Necropolis of ‘Pratino’ in Tuscania PDF

L. Carratoni, V.A. Di Santo Albertali, Micro-Raman investigation of coloured glazes on majolica sherds from the Monk’s Palace waste shaft in Capena (Rome) PDF


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